Periodic Car Safety Check- Why It is important?

Periodic Car Safety Check- Why It is important?

Car’s safety check is really important from time to time. Getting it to a service centre or checking it periodically by installing or buying certain car safety accessories will help you keep a regular check. Car safety check is important because-

- It helps in keeping the car safe from any accidents or leaks

- It increases the life of the car

- It protects you from any mishaps or injuries 

- It enhances the driving experience 

Here are various car accessories you can own to increase safety- 

1. Vacuum cleaner and tyre inflator- The vacuum cleaner helps to clean the car in not so easily reachable areas and the tyre inflator helps in inflating flat tyres. 

- The vacuum cleaner has a power suction motor of 100W

-  It has a 150 PSI digital gauge 

- It is compact and has a portable design

- It is user-friendly 


2. Driver sleep alarm- This was introduced to warn the person driving the car who feels sleepy. 

- It gives a 2 stage warning alarm

- It detects fatigue with sunglasses

- It starts beeping to wake the driver up even on the slightest signs of sleeping

- It has an adjustable camera angle 

It prevents accidents by alerting the driver. 

3. Fog Lamp-
 This fog lamp is unbreakable and scratch resistant. It is designed in such a manner that it enhances visibility thereby preventing accidents. It has a hassle-free fitment and a plasma coating on the reflector. 

4. LED Camera - This camera fits into the number plate area of the car. It has 140 degree wide view angle lens, is waterproof, and the reverse camera is never fogged because of a storm or rain. It also has a night vision reversing camera. It prevents the car from bumping into some object.

5. Tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) - A tyre burst can potentially kill someone and to prevent that this system was introduced. 

- It tells the tyre pressure and temperature

- It beeps to alert the driver

- It gives a warning for low air or air leakage problem 

It has a solar powered multi-colour display

6. Pin type gear lock- It locks the gear stick in reverse/geared condition and it saves the car from any theft. It has a 36 month warranty with premium products made in Taiwan. 

7. Car Alarm System- This alarm system has a flip key model and a 4 door alarm system with single key remote and the remote is normal.

These accessories help in increasing safety and preventing accidents. It saves time, effort, and money to take the car to the service centre from time to time. These accessories are easily available on ane-commerce website called RD Overseas. We have the best in town car accessories which are not only affordable but also of supreme quality. 

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