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Auto headlamp sensor

Auto headlamp sensor

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  • The Automatic Headlamp Sensor is a dust-proof light sensor designed for cars, featuring adjustable sensitivity to ambient light levels.
  • It automatically activates or deactivates the car headlights based on the surrounding light conditions, such as dusk or entering poorly lit areas like tunnels or garages.
  • The system activates both the motor meter light and dipped car headlights when needed.
  • The Light sensor switch is integrated with the original car headlight switch, allowing manual override by using the light control handle upon starting the car.
  • When the car is restarted, the automatic headlight mode is reactivated, ensuring continuous functionality without manual intervention.

Convenience and Safety:

  • Improves safety by offering ideal lighting under different driving circumstances.
  • Reduces driving strain by automatically controlling headlight activation, which adds convenience.

Durability and Adaptability:

  • The dust-proof design ensures durability and longevity.
  • Adjustable sensitivity allows customization for different driving conditions or user preferences.

Technical Details :

  • Net Quantity: ‎1.00 count
  • Specific Product Use: ‎Car

Package Contents:

 1 X Sensor

 3 X Scotch Locks

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  • Precision Brightening

    Upgrade to intelligent driving with our cutting-edge auto headlamp sensor.

  • Night Owl Activation

    Seamlessly activates motor meter light and dipped headlight in low-light conditions.

  • Easy Integration

     Integrates with your car's headlight system, boosting headlight performance for clearer visibility and ease. 

  • Weather resistance

    Tough and can handle all kinds of weather, such as rain, snow, or really hot days.

  • Energy efficiency

    Doesn't use too much power, so the car's battery lasts longer.

  • Compatibility

    Works well with your car's system without any problems.

  • Integrated switch

    You can choose to turn the lights on yourself or let the sensor do it for you.

  • Easy operation

    Works seamlessly with your car's original system for hassle-free use.

  • Automatic restart

    Automatically switches back to automatic mode every time you start your car, ensuring continuous convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions For Auto Headlight Sensor?

What is an Auto Headlamp in a car?

Auto headlamp in a car is a feature that automatically turns on/off the headlight of a car based on ambient light conditions.

Do car headlights turn on automatically?

Yes, car headlights can turn on automatically based on ambient light conditions.

How much does a car auto headlamp sensor cost?

Its Rs 4000/-

Can I add auto headlights to my car?

Yes, you can add auto headlights to your car with the help of a technician.

How do auto headlamp sensors work?

Auto headlamp sensors work through a light sensor that detects ambient light levels, activating the headlights when it's dark and deactivating them when it's bright.

When will the sensor be activated in the auto headlamp?

The light sensor will be activated at dusk or when the car enters areas with poor lighting, such as tunnels and garages.