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RD Auto Fold ORVM Relay (OR 01)

RD Auto Fold ORVM Relay (OR 01)

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Product Description :

The RD ORVM Relay is a game-changing addition to your car, improving convenience and safety for outside rear-view mirrors. It enables automatic folding and unfolding of mirrors when locked or unlocked without the need for complex wiring changes. Its coupler-to-coupler design ensures easy installation, making it ideal for beginners. Experience enhanced peace of mind, protection, and effortless mirror control.

NOTE: The product is compatible only with cars that have motorised ORVM

Suitable for following makes of car:

  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Hyundai
  • Honda

NOTE : Our warranty policy does not cover vehicles older than 10 years

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  • Enhanced Automotive Safety

    RD ORVM Relay ensures precise mirror adjustment, enhancing visibility during parking, lane changes, and challenging conditions.

  • High-Quality Reliability

    Durable design for reliable, long-lasting ORVM performance in varied driving conditions. Quality components guarantee durability.

  • Efficient Mirror Adjustment

    RD ORVM Relay offers efficient, precise control, ensuring optimal mirror angles for parking, lane changes, and challenges.

  • Automated Mirror Folding and Unfolding

    ORVM Relay automates folding when locked and unfolding when unlocked, ensuring convenient and safe mirror operation.

  • No Complex Wiring Alterations

    It simplifies mirror control, eliminating costly wiring changes, for hassle-free automated mirror adjustments.

  • Elevate Your Driving Experience

    The RD ORVM Relay improves driving with peace of mind, mirror protection, and effortless folding/unfolding for convenience.

  • Coupler-to-Coupler Fitting

    The design maintains wiring integrity, ensuring a secure, reliable connection without compromising electrical components.

  • User-Friendly Installation

    Installation is user-friendly, enhancing convenience and safety without needing expertise, suitable for all experience levels.

  • Universal Compatibility

    Its universally compatible, providing convenience and safety benefits for all vehicle types, including cars and SUVs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ORVM relay, and what does it do?

The RD OR-01 adjusts your Outside Rear View Mirrors for better visibility while driving.

Is the RD OR-01 compatible with my vehicle?

RD OR-01 suits many vehicles, but consult specs or manufacturer/service center for precise compatibility details.

How does the RD OR-01 contribute to road safety?

RD OR-01 enhances safety by enabling precise ORVM control, eliminating blind spots, and ensuring a clear traffic view for safety.

Can I install the RD OR-01 myself, or do I need a professional technician?

Installation depends on vehicle make and model. Seek professional technician or electrician for safe, precise installation.

Is the RD OR-01 durable and reliable?

RD OR-01 is durably designed, featuring quality components for reliable performance, even in challenging driving conditions.

Can I adjust my ORVMs manually without the RD OR-01?

RD OR-01 provides efficient and accurate electronic mirror control, enhancing convenience compared to manual adjustments in most vehicles.

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