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RD Auto Window Closer (AWC T 4D)

RD Auto Window Closer (AWC T 4D)

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Product Description 

The RD Auto Window Closer is an innovative four-door power window system, prioritizing car convenience and security. Using smart technology, it automatically closes open windows upon locking, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. It ensures safety with window position monitoring to prevent obstructions and damage, offering secure locking even in challenging conditions or crowded parking areas.

RD Auto Window Closer has been a Pioneer for 25 years.

NOTE : Our warranty policy does not cover vehicles older than 10 years

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  • Convenience

    Auto window closer feature in cars allows the driver to automatically close all the windows with a single press of a button. This eliminates the need to manually roll up each window individually, saving time and effort.

  • Security

    Auto window closer enhances the security of the vehicle by ensuring that all windows are properly closed and sealed. This helps prevent unauthorized access, reduces the risk of theft, and enhances overall safety.

  • Weather Protection

    The Auto window closer allows drivers to swiftly close all windows in unexpected rain or bad weather, ensuring a dry and comfortable driving experience, protecting against rain, snow, or strong winds.

  • Four-Door Power Window System

    Advanced four-door power window system for enhanced car functionality and convenience.

  • Automatic Window Roll-Up

    The system rolls up open car windows one by one upon the owner's lock command, ensuring convenience and security.

  • Smart Technology Integration

    RD Auto Window Closer uses smart tech to enhance car security by managing open windows automatically.

  • Safety-Focused Design

    Safety is paramount; the system ensures secure window closure, preventing accidents.

  • Convenience and Peace of Mind

    It provides effortless window security, ensuring peace of mind for your car's protection.

  • Enhanced Security

    When you lock your vehicle, this system automatically closes the windows to deter potential theft or unauthorized access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can it be installed in any car?

The availability of auto window closer installation may vary depending on the car make and model. It is advisable to check with the manufacturer or a professional installer to determine compatibility.

How does it work?

The auto window closer utilizes the car's electrical system to activate the window motors, causing the windows to roll up automatically when the button is pressed.

Can it cause any damage to the windows or window mechanisms?

When properly installed and used, the auto window closer should not cause any damage to the windows or window mechanisms. It is designed to mimic the normal window operation.

Is the feature activated only through the lock command?

Yes, the auto window closer feature is typically activated when the owner triggers the lock command, signaling the system to start rolling up the open windows.

Does it work if the car's engine is turned off?

The auto window closer relies on the car's electrical system. Therefore, it can work even if the engine is turned off as long as the electrical power is available.

Is the installation of an auto window closer complex?

Installing it varies depending on the car model. The installation of some systems may require professional help, while others can be done by the user.

25 Years of Commitment to Quality

Our Establishment Boasts 25 years of Expertise and Experience Promising Commitment to Quality and Reliability.