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Auto Head Lamp

Auto Head Lamp

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Automatic headlight sensor with dust-proof light sensor, adjustable light sensor sensitivity, turns on/off the lights automatically when the light is dim or bright.

  • Light sensor will be activated at dusk or if the car gets into poor light spots like tunnel and garage, the system will activate the motor meter light and dipped headlight
  • The Light sensor switch is joined with the original headlight switch. When you start the car,you can cancel the automatic headlight mode by using the light control handle, so you will be able to operate the headlight manually. If you restart the car, the automatic headlight mode will be activated again.

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  • Brighten Your Drive With Precision

    Why settle for ordinary when you can upgrade to intelligent? Our cutting-edge headlight sensor revolutionizes the way you drive! With its dust-proof light sensor and adjustable sensitivity, this ingenious device ensures your headlights are always at the perfect brightness.

  • Unleash the Night Owl in Your Car

    Our sensor possesses an uncanny night-sense! Whether the dusk is rolling in or your car ventures into dimly-lit spaces like tunnels and garages, it seamlessly activates both your motor meter light and dipped headlight. Drive with confidence, knowing you are always in the light.

  • Synergy with Your Car's Original System

    The Ultra-Smart Auto Headlight Sensor integrates flawlessly with your car’s original headlight switch. Simply start your engine and the sensor takes charge. For the old-school folks, you still have the option to switch to manual control with a flick of the light control handle. But don't worry, the automatic mode springs back to life when you restart your car!

Frequently Asked Questions For Auto Headlight Sensor?

How does the light sensor in the auto headlamp work ?

The light sensor is designed to detect changes in ambient light levels and trigger the activation of the motor meter light and dipped headlights.

When will the light sensor be activated in the auto headlamp ?

The light sensor will be activated at dusk or when the car enters areas with poor lighting, such as tunnels and garages.

In the auto headlamp, how is the light sensor switch integrated ?

The light sensor switch is combined with the original headlight switch, allowing the driver to control the auto headlamp mode manually.

Can the automatic headlight mode be canceled when starting the car ?

Yes, when starting the car, the driver can cancel the automatic headlight mode using the light control handle, enabling manual operation of the headlights.

Is the 5-second delay a fixed duration, or can it be adjusted ?

The duration of the delay may vary depending on the specific auto headlamp. In some cases, the delay duration can be adjustable or customizable based on user preferences

Can the auto headlamp detect other factors besides ambient light levels?

Auto headlamps can incorporate additional sensors to detect factors like rain or fog, which may also trigger the activation of motor meter light and dipped headlights.