Top 5 Use of ORVM in Car

Top 5 Use of ORVM in Car


Safety always comes first no matter if you’re the person driving the car or just a passenger sitting in the rear seat of the car. Imagine a scenario where there are no rear view mirrors and you have no clue about which vehicle is behind you, that would indeed question your safety as well as the other passengers that are present in the car with you, and trust me you wouldn't want that, would you? 

ORVM or Outside Rear View Mirrors are an integral part for your car,as it plays a crucial role in enhancing road safety and overall driving experience. With the use of Outside Rear View Mirrors, drivers can see the back end of the vehicle. The Outside Rear View Mirrors is a requirement for all cars in India and to protect them is crucial .

In this blog, RD Overseas will help you explore the top 5 uses of ORVM in a car and how with the help of auto fold orvm relay you can safeguard them.

How ORVM enhance road safety?

Outside rear-view mirrors, do more than just reflect light; they act as an extra set of eyes on the road, greatly enhancing traffic safety. Their primary function is to provide you a wide and clear view of the space behind and next to the vehicle you are driving. To avoid accidents, there must be better visibility.

Role in Preventing Accidents.

Using it lowers the likelihood of accidents by enabling you to see cars coming up behind you or passing you. Here we help you explore the ways in which Outside Rear View Mirrors helps you to prevent any potential road accidents.

  • Spotting Approaching Vehicles:  Using it to monitor vehicles and pedestrians behind you, anticipate their actions, and adjust speed or signal.
  • Managing Overtaking Maneuvers: It helps in detecting overtaking vehicles on highways. To respond safely, keep your speed up, signal, or modify your position, use your side mirrors.
  • Reduce Blind Spots: Improve visibility and lessen blind spots. For safer lane changes and merging, use mirrors and head checks in combination.

Parking Assistance 

Parking, whether parallel, perpendicular, or in a crowded parking lot, can indeed be a challenging movement. However, your Outside Rear-View Mirrors are your trusted companions when it comes to safely and effectively parking your car.

How does ORVM help in Parking?

  1. Distance Estimation: To see greater distances, adjust the mirrors. Excellent for parking in tight spaces and preventing accidents with sidewalks, vehicles, or other obstacles.
  2. Minimizing Blind Spots: Outside Rear View Mirrors improves visibility, which is important for parking. Making hidden regions surrounding your car visible, which is important in constrained places.
  3. Curbing and Alignment: Outside Rear View Mirrors  helps to ensure correct alignment in parking places and safe parking by protecting tyres and rims from sidewalk damage.

How to use it effectively in Parking?

  1. Adjust for Blind Spots: Outside Rear View Mirrors  angles can be adjusted to cover blind areas. Depending on the car, be sure to adjust properly before parking for safety.
  2. Parallel Parking: To clearly view the sidewalk when parallel parking, park closer without touching it, and avoid curbs when reversing by angling the Outside Rear View Mirrors downward.
  3. Perpendicular Parking: For perfect centered parking during parallel parking, adjust Outside Rear View Mirrors to view lines on both sides.
  4. Use While Reversing: Use Outside Rear View Mirrors  to frequently monitor and maintain safe distances from other cars or obstructions when backing into a parking spot.

Lane Changes 

Although changing lanes on a crowded highway may be a stressful move, your outside rearview mirrors play an important role in making it safer and easier to handle.

How does it Help in Changing Lanes safely?

  • Enhanced Visibility: ORVM serve as lane change guards, extending your field of vision to include neighboring lanes and improving traffic monitoring.
  • Spotting Other cars: Before changing lanes, use Outside Rear View Mirrors  to scan your surroundings for oncoming traffic and blind areas. Watch for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other vehicles in your route.
  • Reducing Lane Change-Related Accidents: By providing real-time traffic knowledge and reducing dangerous lane changes, Outside Rear View Mirrors  lessens the possibility of highway accidents.
  • Keeping Sudden Movements to a Minimum: With their constant feedback on neighbouring lanes and prevention of rapid, sight-limited lane changes, Outside Rear View Mirrors assist drivers avoid dangerous situations.


Weather conditions, particularly unfavorable ones like fog, rain, or snow, can have an important impact on visibility and safety when driving. Even in bad weather, your Outside Rear-View Mirrors are essential for keeping decent sight.

Tips for using effectively in fog or rain.

  • Foggy Conditions: Fog dramatically decreases visibility. In order to capture the road surface and reduce fog reflection, tilt yourOutside Rear View Mirrors slightly downward, you will be better able to notice the lane signs and any nearby dangers.
  • Rainy Conditions: Conditions that are cloudy or rainy might cause water droplets to form on your Outside Rear View Mirrors , blocking your visibility. Use the rear defogger and the windscreen wipers to keep the mirrors clean. Adjust them so that your attention is on the side and back roads.

Communication and Signaling

Outside Rear-View Mirrors in the vehicle have two uses. They primarily improve your visibility and safety, but they also play a minor yet significant role in communicating with other drivers.

How does it help drivers communicate without words?

  • Lane Changes: One of the most common uses of Outside Rear View Mirrors for communication is signaling lane changes. By slightly adjusting the angle of your Outside Rear View Mirrors , you can send a clear visual signal to drivers behind or beside you that you intend to change lanes. 
  • Right of Way Recognition: Outside Rear View Mirrors may also be used to recognize the right of way.
  • Obstacle Warning: If there is a road obstruction or danger ahead, signal caution to cars behind you using your Outside Rear View Mirrors  when it is safe to do so.
  • Expressing Thanks: A quick adjustment of your Outside Rear View Mirrors  can be used as a non-verbal "thank you" if someone permits you to merge or change lanes.
  • Police and emergency vehicles: When shifting to the right for lights and sirens, use Outside Rear View Mirrors to communicate with other road users and emergency vehicles.

Now, the important question is how we can protect our outside rear-view mirrors. To address this, RD Overseas has introduced an auto fold ORVM relay.

Auto Fold ORVM Relay : 

The ORVM Relay is a fantastic upgrade for your car. It makes your side mirrors fold and unfold automatically when you lock or unlock your car, and you don't need to do any complicated wiring. It's super easy to install, even if you're new to this. Enjoy peace of mind, safety, and easy mirror control for your Outside Rear-View Mirrors. 


Your car's Outside Rear View Mirrors (ORVMs) are like your special eyes on the road, helping you see behind and beside your car for a safer drive. The ORVM relay is their guardian, playing a crucial role in protecting and enhancing them. It not only ensures they work well but also helps your mirrors fold and unfold automatically, adding convenience to your driving experience. So, it's essential to have a reliable ORVM relay to take care of your important car mirrors, making your journeys safer and more convenient!


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