Scope Of Warranty

1. The product is warranted from the products date of sale and as mentioned overleaf.

2. If a manufacturing defect is observed in the product during the warranty period, the manufacturers obligation/liability is only limited to repairing/replacing the product free of charge. The manufacturer undertakes no liability in the matter of any consequential loss/damage caused due to the failure of the product.

3. Warranty repair/replacement will be carried out only at the workshop of an authorised dealer or service centre.

4. Manufacturer reserves the right either to replace or repair a defective product at its sole discretion.

5. This warranty is valid only for the original vehicle on which the product was installed.

6. Warranty claims shall be void unless accompanied by a valid warranty card in original along with the invoice of the authorised dealer.

7. The product carries a limited warranty and in event of any liability arising due to the use of any of our products, only the original cost of the product(MRP) can be claimed


1. For any complaints and queries please write to us.

2. Warranty would be catered only at the dealers end.

3. We do not guarantee the immediate replacement of defective parts, if any. It may take a few days depending upon the location of the customer


The warranty shall not apply in the case of

1. Malfunction on account of discharge of the vehicle battery.

2. Malfunction on account of seepage of water in the product.

3. Malfunction on account of consumables like a battery for remote and protection fuse.

4. Any wire or wiring, which was originally in perfect condition, being spoiled after installation.

5. Malfunction due to damage caused to the unit or its accessories as a result of attempted theft or accident caused to the vehicle.

6. Unnatural wear and tear occurring to the wiring harness due to misuse.

7. Unauthorized repairs carried out on the system.

8. The tamper-proof sticker on the main unit is missing or found damaged.

The decision regarding warranty settlement shall be taken by the manufacturer.