Top 5 Aftermarket Car Accessories For Your New Car

Top 5 Aftermarket Car Accessories For Your New Car

After purchasing a new car, there are always various additions that a car needs which increase safety, comfort, and convenience. Now there are some accessories which are already installed in your car when you buy it but others like a car mobile charger, fog lamp, power window, tyre pressure monitoring system, etc. are an additional that can make your car even better. 

Mentioned below are some car accessories that you must own for a better protection for yourself on road and for your car-

1. Camera Square- It is a moving line camera with HD clarity and provides dynamic moving lines in order to guide the driver while reversing. It is easy to install, video RC cable is about 20ft long, it has 140 degree wide angle lens, a high water proof level as well, and doesn’t fog during rains or storms. 

2. Car Mobile Charger- A car mobile charger helps you charge your phone in the car.

- It has a fast charger

- It does not overcharge 

- It has very powerful dual ports 

- It is compact in size and fits perfectly

3. 2/3/4 Door Power Window Kit - The cars which have manual handles can use this power window kit to open and close the windows. It has an additional feature installed which is an auto window closer that closes the window upon locking the car. 

4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) - A tyre burst can potentially kill someone and to prevent that this system was introduced. 

- It tells the tyre pressure and temperature

- It beeps to alert the driver

- It gives a warning for low air or air leakage problem 

- It has a solar powered multi-colour display

5. Driver Sleep Alarm- This was introduced to warn the person driving the car who feels sleepy. 

- It gives a 2 stage warning alarm

- It detects fatigue with sunglasses

- It starts beeping to wake the driver up even on the slightest signs of sleeping

- It has an adjustable camera angle 

These were some of the essentials you must have post buying a car. All these accessories and many more other accessories are easily available on the website of RD Overseas, a top car accessories manufacturing company. They specialise in making premium quality car accessories for safety, comfort, and convenience. Check out their wide range of products on their website- which are durable and very affordable.

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