Here Are 5 Things Every Car Owner Needs

Here Are 5 Things Every Car Owner Needs

Whether you are driving a truck, cruising in an SUV, or tooling around town in a hatchback or coupe. We all need our trusted automobile to take us wherever in the world we want to go. 

Here are five things that a car owner should have:

1. Driver Sleep Alarm

This is one unique product, which give 2 stage of warning signals to the driver when he is tired or has the possibility to sleep. The accessory detects fatigue even with sunglasses on and beeps the driver with slightest sign of sleep. This helps avoid car accidents and be alert while driving. 
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2. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

It tells tyre pressure and temperature easily and gives beep alert when the tyre pressure is not right.

By having this precautions can be taken at the right time and major accidents can be avoided.


3. Vacuum Cleaner & Tyre Inflator

It is a 2-in-1 car accessory with 100W power suction motor. The accessory is user friendly and comes in compact and portable design.

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4. LED White Headlight

These white headlights run 5 times longer than other dull headlights. It has a super wide angle that gives daytime like feeling even at night.

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5. Car Mobile Charger 

The accessory has dual ports and charges mobile phones very quickly. The charger  does not overcharge and fits perfectly in cars.

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