Check Out the Newest Car Accessories from RD Overseas

Check Out the Newest Car Accessories from RD Overseas


Great news for all car lovers! RD Overseas has just rolled out some cool new gadgets that are perfect for upgrading your ride. Whether you want to add a touch of serenity or boost your car’s security, these fresh picks are sure to impress. Let’s take a closer look at what’s new!

Car Dashboard Temple Idol 

Add a peaceful vibe to your car with the Car Dashboard Temple Idol. Here’s why you’ll love having one of these:

  • Peace on the Go: It brings a calming presence right to your dashboard, helping you stay relaxed during rush hour.
  • Stylish Look: Each idol is beautifully crafted, making your car look great inside.
  • Safe Travels: Feel a little extra protected with a symbol of safety and blessings on every journey.
  • Cool Designs: Available in several styles that are super easy to set up on your dashboard.

Car Dashcam 

Keep a watchful eye on the road with the new Car Dashcam from RD Overseas:

  • Awesome Features: Enjoy crystal-clear recording, wide-angle views, and handy night vision. It even turns on and off by itself!
  • Record Everything: Capture everything that happens on the road, which can really help out if there’s ever an accident.
  • Keep Thieves Away: Its motion sensors can scare off anyone trying to mess with your car while parked.

OBD GPS Tracker 

Stay connected to your car with the OBD GPS Tracker. Here’s why this gadget is a game-changer:

  • Easy Plug-in: Just connect it to your car’s OBD port to get started.
  • Real-time Tracking: Know exactly where your car is at all times.
  • Extra Security: Set up alerts for when your car moves out of a designated area, track the speed, and keep tabs on how it’s running.
  • Peace of Mind: Perfect for keeping an eye on your car’s health and where it goes.


RD Overseas’s latest releases are here to make your drives more serene and secure. From the calming Car Dashboard Temple Idol to the vigilant Car Dashcam and the smart OBD GPS Tracker, these new accessories are packed with features that make driving a breeze. Gear up your car with these exciting new gadgets and enjoy every trip to the fullest!

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