Best Accessories For Entertainment In Car

Best Accessories For Entertainment In Car

Safety while driving is really important and sometimes the other person’s mistake on the road can lead to something serious. So doing whatever you can to protect yourself and your car is really important. There are various additions you can make to your car to make it safer. 

Car rides can get extremely boring especially long drives without some good accessories installed like speakers, bluetooth connector, great bass tubes, etc.  RD Overseas brings to you some amazing entertainment accessories to amp up your driving experience. RD Overseas is a car accessory manufacturing company, providing best-in-class automobile accessories at affordable prices. 

1. Car Audio Speaker- The speaker is a 3 way car audio speaker which can be fitted usually in the car doors. The dual tweeters enhance the audio experience in car and the slim design adds to the benefit of installation. 

2. Car Mobile Charger- Forgetting to carry a portable charger while travelling? A car mobile charger helps you charge your phone in the car.

- It is a fast charger

- It does not overcharge 

- It has very powerful dual ports 

- It is compact in size and fits perfectly 

3. Rear View Monitor- The screen in this monitor is an OEM mirror replacement screen that helps in parking when parking assisting system is installed with it. The kit has 4 parking sensors with a camera compatible with the screen. 

4. FM Modulator- The wirelessly device connects your smartphone to your car stereo to take hands-free phone calls, stream music, and enjoy FM. It also receives bluetooth signals from the smartphone. It has an in built microphone with noise cancellation in order to minimise cabin noise in phone calls. It also allows you to charge your phone alongside. 

5. Active Bass Tube 8 Inch- This has a powerful bass and has exceptional clarity. Features include, Max Power Output 4500W PMPO 8" (20.32 cm) Subwoofer made of PP cone with Magnet size of 120mm High Output MOSFET Amplifier with Line Out feature Air Vented Design for Deep Bass Effect Thumping Bass & Low Distortion Powerful Strontium- Ferrite Magnet Easy and Convenient in Installation Voice Coil Cooling System Made with 3 PLY Wood for strong bass and strength. 

6. Amplifier- It has the following features- 

- Peak power 1100W

- High efficiency Mosfet power supplies

- 2 Ohm stable stereo operation

- Gold plated input and output connectors

- Switchable bass boost

- Simultaneous mono/stere operation capability 

- High power heat sink supports max power 6500W

All these entertainment accessories help in boosting your car ride experience. Going on trips and road drives with friends and family without worrying about how the music will be played or how phone you’d charge your phone is all sorted now.

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