Benefits Of Using Car Comfort Accessories

Benefits Of Using Car Comfort Accessories

The comfort accessories in a car provide luxury and a means of relaxing while driving. These accessories help in making your driving experience convenient and hassle-free. There are a bunch of accessories which provide comfort, all available on a website called RD Overseas. These are premium quality products which are very reasonably priced. 

There are various benefits for using car comfort accessories, a few of these accessories with their features which make your life easier are- 

1. LED Headlights- These headlights increase visibility on the road drastically by emitting two times more light than a normal halogen bulb, thereby preventing accidents. These have 70 W of power ballast and heat sink. It also has 5 times longer life than halogen and incandescent bulbs. 

2. Vacuum Cleaner And Tyre Inflator- The vacuum cleaner helps to clean the car in not so easily reachable areas and the tyre inflator helps in inflating flat tyres by yourself. 

- The vacuum cleaner has a power suction motor of 100W

-  It has a 150 PSI digital gauge 

- It is compact and has a portable design

- It is user-friendly 

3. Fog Lamp- This fog lamp is unbreakable and scratch resistant. It is designed in such a manner that it enhances visibility. It has a hassle-free fitment and a plasma coating on the reflector. 

4. Camera Square- It is a moving line camera with HD clarity. It provides dynamic moving lines in order to guide the driver while reversing. It is easy to install and its video RC cable is about 20ft long. It has 140 degree wide angle lens, a high water proof level as well, and doesn’t fog during rains or storms.  

5. 2/3/4 Door Power Window Kit - The cars which have manual handles can use this power window kit to open and close the windows . It has an additional feature installed which is an auto window closer that closes the window upon locking the car. 

6. Car mobile charger- A car mobile charger helps you charge your phone in the car.

- It has a fast charger

- It does not overcharge 

- It has very powerful dual ports 

- It is compact in size and fits perfectly

Upon understanding their benefits, it’s safe to say that these accessories provide comfort and convenience. They definitely are a good buy and are worth the investment. There are various discounts and offers going on presently on RD Overseas site, grab your accessories now! 


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